4 Locos Tacos
is a local eatery
that has its roots

Our Story

4 Locos Tacos: A local eatery that has its roots in Mexico. If you want an opportunity to eat authentic Mexican food without traveling to Mexico, this is the place to go. The owners of the restaurant grew up in their hometown of Jalisco in West Central Mexico and take the food of their culture seriously.

They use the same spices and flavors that are used by cooks in their hometown. Most typical Mexican restaurants don’t have the authenticity that 4 Locos Tacos has – from the tortillas made by hand the same way that they have been made for centuries to the meat that is prepared on, and carved from, vertical grills, this is an experience everyone will enjoy. The restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating, opposite the Plant Street Market, it is easy to get to whether walking, biking or driving. Come and join us for a bite, you’ll feel right at home!

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Our Beliefs

We believe that people want good, wholesome food made from scratch without processed ingredients

We believe that our customers deserve the best, without paying an “arm and a leg” for it

We believe that we can best support our community by using fresh, local products

We believe that people want a relaxing atmosphere where they can enjoy and savor the food they are eating

We believe that people want an inviting place to eat where they can relax and unwind and enjoy spending time with their friends and family

We believe in treating our customers like they are family

We believe in our employees and we are all committed to providing you with high quality service and will do everything we can to meet your expectations